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On being a member

As laid out in the co-op's membership policy it is a requirement of membership that members abide by and co-operate with the co-op policies. This is particularly relevant to allocating rooms in shared housing where the co-op wishes to give existing members choice in selecting tenants for vacancies within their households.

Failure to co-operate with the allocation procedure, e.g. not arranging for applicants to visit the house, extends the homelessness of waiting list applicants and is therefore a serious breach of co-op rules.

Members are required to:

- Pay their rent in advance

- Keep the interior of the premises in a good and clean condition and to decorate the internal areas.

- Pay the utility bills (water rates, gas & electricity) to the respective companies as and when the bills are due. (For additional information see Membership Policy)


Rents are charged weekly.

All new tenants must pay one week’s rent in advance in addition to a refundable deposit of £500.00.

Housing benefit claimants must submit proof of housing benefit claim. Mace will monitor Housing Benefit Applications and If no payment is received after 28 days.

a) The Rent officer will contact Housing Benefit office.

b) The Rent officer will write to the member informing him/her of the arrears/eviction procedure.

Tenants must chase their own benefit claim.

It is essential that housing benefit must be paid directly to Mace.

Tenants must provide proof of income, which may include bank statement if required.

If a bank dishonours a tenant's cheque, the tenant will be required to pay the rent in cash within 7 days. Mace will retain dishonoured cheques until full payment is received.

Mace may assign debt collectors to collect the arrears as a last resort. (For additional information see Rent & Arrears Policy and procedures)

Repairs and Maintenance

All properties:

Members should ring or write to the office outlining as clearly as possible the problem.

Workers will record the date and problem in the daybook for the attention of the maintenance worker unless it is an emergency in which case the worker taking the call will deal with it if the maintenance worker is not in the office.


Mace considers the following to be emergencies: gas leaks, explosions, break-ins, leaking roof /pipes where electricals are affected or causing dangerous structural damage, damage caused by harassment, electrical fault leading to loss of electricity, unforeseen dangerous structural damage, blocked toilet that presents a serious and urgent health hazard.

In the above cases, Mace will call out contractors to make the premises safe within 24 hours - however the repairs may take longer.

If damage has been caused by tenant's negligence, Mace may not undertake to carry out any repairs but will only make the property safe.

Out of office hours - in the case of an emergency the member may call out a contractor and they will be reimbursed provided the office has been informed within 24 hours and the Maintenance Worker/ Management Committee assesses the case as one of emergency. Contractors must be from the co-op's approved list.

Urgent Repairs

Mace defines the following as urgent repairs: - lack of hot water, leaking roof, blocked drain, leaking toilet/cistern/supply pipe, essential electrical work, seriously leaking overflow, burst pipes.

Mace aims to have the repair carried out within 4 working days dependent upon the member arranging access.

Ordinary repairs

Mace aims to carry out these repairs within one month. (For additional information see Repairs & Maintenance Policy)


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