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Mace was set up in 1974 as a self help housing association to house 'creative' individuals and homeless people. It was set up by graduate students from University College and was the original idea of Tom Goodman who was then the secretary of ACME Housing Association. ACME provided housing and studio space for artists. MACE is an anagram of ACME.

Mace decided to concentrate on short-life housing, as this was the quickest way to get its members housed. It was set up before co-ops were well developed and decided not to register with the Housing Corporation since its objectives were to benefit its members.

Mace received its entire initial housing from the GLC. This was allocated to members who renovated the houses at their own expense in exchange for a peppercorn rent. Later, higher rents were charged in exchange for houses being renovated by the association. Mace later branched out into London Borough of Islington and worked with the New Islington and Hackney Housing Association (NIHHA).


Mace Housing Co-operative Limited is a friendly society registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965. Registration Number: 25400R

The Housing Co-operative came about as a means of looking at ways of housing members of Mace Housing Association on a permanent basis. At the time there seemed very little option of moving into permanent accommodations for people who had been in Mace for several years.

The Co-op. was set up as "fully mutual" in 1986 to try and provide permanent places for members who had no other means of finding secure permanent property.

Mace Housing Co-op's objective is to provide housing for single homeless people. We aim to ensure that all our activity is characterised by, and provides, equality of opportunity. We aim to provide responsive quality services, which are carefully monitored, for their effectiveness and value for money. The Co-op is committed to informing, listening to, and partnership with, our tenants and to actively encourage their participation. We recognise, and value, our employees and the crucial role they play in achieving our mission.

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