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Training in Housing Management

SEAP (Skills Empowerment and Advisory Project) is a training programme designed specifically for the unemployed or low income earners and others interested in pursuing a career in Housing Management.  The programme involves classroom lectures, simulation exercises and hands-on, work experience training.

The key objectives of the project are:
- Empowering participants and directing them to employers who need their skill
- Filling skills gaps in the Housing Sector

- Helping to regenerate communities
- Providing practical on the job training in various areas of Housing Management
- Promoting Economic Independence

The following is a list of the courses currently offered under SEAP:

Rental Income Collection and Management

The main objective of this course is to prepare students for employment as rent officers in social housing sectors and beyond. Topics covered include:
- Rental income and its importance
- Rent Department functions and personnel
- Methods of Rent Payment
- Rent Collection Targets and Performance Monitoring
- Computerised Rent Accounting Systems
- Welfare Benefits Equation
- Rent Arrears Management

Repairs and Maintenance Administration
Good repairs provision is one of the most important services provided by a social landlord and the most highly valued and relied on service by tenants. It is important that staff have the right skills to be able to identify when and what repairs are needed, and how to write accurate reports. 

This course will provide an introduction to the repair and maintenance function of social landlords. Against a background of the legal framework, delegates will gain an understanding of the landlordís responsibilities and the tenantís rights and responsibilities. 

Project Management in the Housing Sector
This course will enable students to manage housing projects more effectively / contribute more positively to project teams, through the application of a systematic project framework and the use of helpful project tools and techniques. The course covers  Bids, Payment Contracts, Design, Resource Planning, Procurement, Construction and Owner Occupancy.

Customer Care / Service
This course 
will equip students with the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to deliver excellent customer service. 

Please contact Mace to apply to join the course.

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