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All applicants are required to produce the following documents:

  • Two written character references
  • Two passports sized photographs
  • One photo identity (preferably passport)
  • Proof of income, if employed.
  • Proof of entitlement to housing benefit, if unemployed.

If your are still interested in applying, please telephone the office between 10.00am - 10.30am on Monday to book an appointment for an interview.

Please note: Applicants must have all of the above documents before calling us to book an appointment. When applicants call, they will be asked to confirm that they have all of the above documents before we can book the appointment. At the interview, the documents will be checked and if any of the required documents is missing, the interview will be cancelled and the applicant will have to wait for three months before another interview can be booked.

Attention new applicants: All new applicants will be subject to a credit reference search from April 2018. The reference will be in respect of any outstanding rent arrears from a previous tenancy. If the applicant is making payments towards the arrears, then the result of the reference will be ignored.

Applications to the Co-op follow four stages:

Stage 1 - Initial Approach.

The applicant approaches either the co-op directly or through an approved referral agency. In both cases, following an initial check for suitability, applicants will be given information on the Co-op.

Stage 2 - Interview.

The applicant attends a formal interview, which is held once a week for new applicants. This is strictly by appointment only.

Completed application forms are then assessed according to the Co-op's criteria for membership.

Stage 3 - Notification.

Applicants who are accepted will be entered on the waiting list and then notified in writing. Please note the credit checks may be carried out on applicants who are accepted. Applicants who are not accepted will be notified of the reason for this decision and given alternative housing advice, as appropriate. (See appeal section).

Waiting List.

The Co-op has an open waiting list. Each waiting list applicant may receive up to three offers of furnished accommodation. Individuals will be removed from the waiting list in the following circumstances:

  • After three reasonable, unsuccessful offers
  • After a period of six months
  • After failing to respond to a request to confirm continuing interest in being offered housing
  • After being found that any aspect of the original application was false

Individual positions on the waiting list will be determined according to the co-op's points system. Offers, however, will be given to the most suitable applicants for the particular vacancy and not simply to those with the most points.

Offers of Housing

Where a vacancy exists in a co-op house the appropriate co-op worker will notify the remaining tenants to nominate someone of their choice to fill the vacancy. The tenants will have one week from the date of notification to submit their nomination. Each household can give up to two preferences. Any unreasonable requests shall be referred to the Allocations Committee. Should no suitable tenant be found after a period of one week the household will be required to consider applicants not meeting their original preferences. (For further information see Allocations Policy)

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