About Us

Mace Housing Co-operative.

Your Home

At Mace Housing, we believe that your home is your castle and provides you rest, peace of mind and comfort. You will have information about your rent, repairs and your tenancy.

Paying your rent


We aim to make paying your rent as easy as possible.


Your rent is due each week in advance. Arrears should not build up between payments.

It means that if you pay weekly, you should be one week in advance, if you pay fourth weekly you should be four weeks in advance and if you pay monthly. you should be one month in advance. This also applies if you receive Housing Benefit, Universal Credit or Discretionary Housing Payments.


If you’re struggling, please contact us to arrange a payment plan.


If you pay your rent monthly, it is due on the first of each month. If you prefer to pay your rent at a different time of the month to fit with your pay day, please contact us to arrange it.


Remember: Your rent account should be in credit at all times. You can request a rent statement at any time.

Repairs & Maintenance


Mace Housing is committed to keeping all the homes it manages in excellent condition. We do this by managing a central repairs and maintenance service for all our members.

Your Tenancy


Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract that lays out the conditions of your tenancy. Please keep your copy safe as you will need to refer to it if you have any doubts about your rights or responsibilities.

We cannot change the terms of your tenancy agreement without your approval (except for changes to your rent and others allowed by law).