Getting Involved

We encourage members involvement at every level of the organisation. Hearing from our members about ways that we can improve is important to us. We listen to the feedback we receive and use it to help shape our services.

What can you get involved in?


At Mace Housing, we are committed to providing opportunities for our members to be involved in mapping out our services through members involvement both at the Management Committee level and Subcommittees. We encourage members to join the Subcommittees and take responsibility for the development and progress of the Co-operative. Members can join any of the following Subcommittees:

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Allocation & Policy Sub-committee


To ensure fairness, equity and transparency in our allocation process and procedures, as well as, fit for purpose and meets current legislative requirements. Ensure that all policies are reviewed regularly at least every two years and are in line with the latest legislation and members are informed of new policy amendments.

Employment Sub-committee


The Sub-committee shall oversee employment matters and HR processes and policies, including recruitment, salary review and condition of service and retention, training and development; making recommendations to the Management Committee for its approval.


The Sub-Committee also oversees the Corporate Services, ensuring that IT and other business support services operate effectively, allowing high-quality delivery through the Operations Director, and escalating matters to the Board as required.

Development Sub-committee


The Sub-committee shall assess the viability of new developments and report to the Board. It shall consider, recommend and approve proposals relating to the development of homes or commercial property for sale or rent; consider, recommend and approve proposals relating to the acquisition of any entity or any Group of any interest in land with a view to future development or sale;


To recommend and approve proposals relating to the acquisition or authorise entering into works contracts, professional service contracts and the marketing of sites and schemes to enable the delivery of development schemes.


The Committee monitors and reviews development projects and reports progress to the Management Board.

Rent, Finance, Risk and Compliance Sub-committee


The Sub-committee shall consider all matters of financial strategy, risk, compliance and policies, and make recommends to the Management Committee. It meets quarterly to receive reports on the Co-op’s financial performance and monitor and evaluate operational risks.


To review and monitor the integrity of the Annual Financial Statements, Annual Reports, Management letters and any other statements relating to financial performance.


To review the findings of the External Auditor, discussing any issues of concern during the audit, accounting and audit judgements, errors identified during the audit.


To recommend the appointment, reappointment and removal of External Auditors.


To consider the financial forecasts and annual budgets, rent levels and recommend to the Board.


To consider and advise the Board on the financial implications and any significant financial risks associated with new proposals and ventures.


To evaluate and approve proposals for capital investment and financial implications of staffing appointments within the limits of the Committee’s delegated authority.

Asset Management, Repairs & Maintenance Sub-committee


The Committee exercises delegated authority in relation to the strategic oversight of Mace’s Asset Management, Repairs and Maintenance activities. It works closely with the Director of Operations, Housing Managers and Officers to monitor and review the Repairs and Maintenance service that all members receive.


The Committee oversees the periodic conducting of Stock Condition Survey which helps to identify long-term capital investment requirement cycles, as well as, ensuring that proper level of investment in existing stock is maintained, for continuous improvement in the performance of the Co-op.


The sub-committee shall review key performance indicators on a regular basis in regards to responsive repairs, void works, gas servicing, quality of work/value for money and health & safety issues i.e. Risk Assessments and complaints and compliments (repairs related).


Members that have interest in the above issues can become involved, make suggestions on repairs and maintenance and policy reviews.

Social & Publicity Sub-committee


The Social & Publicity sub-committee oversees and produces Mace Housing publicity and Marketing Materials, as well as organise socials for Mace members.


The Committee shall advise the MC on matters concerning Promotion and Publicity of the Co-op ensuring that the printed and electronic materials are consistent with the image of the Co-op.


Such as:

  • Producing iMace newsletter on a quarterly basis
  • Making sure that all marketing material within the office is up to date
  • Organise two major events – the Annual General Meeting & the Summer Barbeque.
  • Ensure Mace Website is updated as and when required.

Dispute Sub-committee


The Dispute sub-committee shall facilitate the effective management of disputes between members by mediating wherever possible to reconcile individuals in dispute. The sub-committee shall provide a forum for discussion of differences with the aim of preventing the escalation of disputes.


Any member of the sub-committee involved in a dispute shall not take part in the committee’s discussions.


If you would like more information feel free to get in contact with us. If you would like to join a sub-committee or develop a skill in one of these areas, please call us on: 020 7254 9560