Your Tenancy

Your Tenancy Agreement


Your tenancy agreement is the first document you will sign before moving into Mace home. It is the agreement that gives you the right to your home and is a legally binding contract which you must keep safe, as you will refer to it if you have any doubts about your rights and responsibilities.


The agreement sets out what your responsibilities are as a tenant/member to the Co-op, as well as, that of Mace’s to you.


You are advised to read your tenancy agreement carefully and sign it and by signing this agreement, you agree that you understand and accept all the rights and responsibilities for your new home.


We cannot change the terms of your tenancy agreement without your approval (except for changing your rent and making other changes allowed by law).


Your Rights and Responsibilities


We want the period of your living with us as an enjoyable experience. That is only possible if you are able to meet the responsibilities stated in your tenancy agreement.

Because of their importance, we have decided to outline some of them below to assist you:


  • Pay your rent and any other charges, when due and on time.
  • Live peacefully with your flatmates or neighbours in the true co-operative spirit.
  • Treat our staff, contractors, partners and your fellow Co-op members with respect.
  • Keep the inside and all parts of your home clean and tidy.
  • Report Repairs promptly.
  • Keep the hallways and staircases free from obstruction as required by Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Give access to the staff, Partner Landlords, Contractors, Utility Company Engineers.
  • Required to give at least 4 weeks’ written notice, if you want to terminate your tenancy.
  • You have the right to stay in your home as long as you follow the conditions in your tenancy agreement.
  • If you break one or more of your tenancy conditions, we can apply to the Court to repossess your home.


For example:

  • If you haven’t paid your rent.
  • If you die and no-one in the property has the right to the tenancy.
  • If the tenancy address is no longer your main home.
  • If you have not allowed access to staff and contractors to carry out necessary works or gas servicing.
  • If you, someone visiting you has damaged or neglected your home, harassed or caused a nuisance to your neighbours, or been convicted of using your home for a criminal offence such as drug dealing.


We will not act without considering your circumstances first and we will always try to explain the reasons for what we are doing.


What are Mace Responsibilities?


As your landlord, we are to ensure that:

  • You live peacefully in your home and enjoy it.
  • Repairs requested in respect of your home are promptly dealt within the period and time promised.
  • The communal areas of your home are well maintained if you pay service charge at the property.
  • You are consulted on any changes to your rent or service charge.
  • You have access to any information we may hold about you.
  • You have the right to complain over any aspect of our services which we have not delivered to your satisfaction.


See the advice page for more information: click here