Management Committee

Tamba Koroma


Chair, Management Committee

Tamba was elected MACE’s chair in February 2023, previously serving as treasurer for many years. He joined the housing cooperative in 2012 and brought his vast experience and expertise in accounting, finance, taxation, and governance.  Before then, Tamba was the financial controller for a UK branch of a French international company and supervised two accountancy practices in London. In 2016, he launched his own accountancy and business consultancy.


Tamba graduated with honours in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University and has been a member of ACCA since 2012. He advanced to Fellowship status in 2019. Tamba is also a graduate of Oxford’s Said Business School, specialising in Financial Strategy. He is currently studying for his MBA from Durham University.


In 2020, Tamba was awarded a certificate in Real Estate Economics and Finance from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.

Fiona Daly


Deputy Chair, Management Committee. Chair, Allocations and Lettings Sub-Committee


Fiona joined Mace in 1985 and was re-elected to the Board in 2017, after a career in web development and e-learning consultancy. She now works at a local charity as part of a small team running services and liaising with local partners, particularly in the areas of welfare reform, homelessness, and housing issues. She has a particular interest in homelessness, especially as it affects those in “non-priority” need, such as single people, and sees MACE as an agile organisation that can work to find innovative solutions to this need.


Fiona has attended key courses for board members organised by MACE. These include Excellence in Governance: Responsibility, Accountability and Transparency, Evaluation of Board Members’ Effectiveness and Team Leadership Skills, Building and Leading a High-performance Team, and Policies and Procedures.


Fiona holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and Art Theory.

Annah Buseri


Treasurer, Management Committee. Chair, Rent and Finance, Internal Control, Risk and Compliance sub-committees


Annah joined MACE in 2018 and was elected to the board in 2020. With dedicated service spanning several years, Annah has made an immense contribution to MACE, chairing a range of subcommittees. These include; the Rent, Finance, Risk and Compliance sub-committee, Repairs, Maintenance, Health & Safety Subcommittees, and Dispute and Development Subcommittee.


Annah is a member of ALARM (the Public Risk Management Association) and chairs its Housing Sector Committee, which supports risk practitioners in the sector. Her expertise includes risk management and assurance which provides top management with strategic risk information that informs the development of sustainable policies.


Anna has published in “Stronger,” ALARM’s journal and holds an MSc in Risk Management and a BSc (Hons) in Accounting.

Clemencia Sterling Molano


Deputy Treasurer, Management Committee. Chair, Development, Repairs & Maintenance, Risk, Fire, Health & Safety Sub Committees


Clemencia joined Mace in 2018 and serves as Deputy Treasurer. With a background in administration support and supervision, Clemencia has developed extensive skills in Microsoft Office applications, accounting software, management tools, data entry, and customer service.


Clemencia took part in the training offered by MACE for Management Committee members on; Excellence in Governance: Responsibility, Accountability, and Transparency. Her educational qualifications include a General Certificate in Education, specialising in Accounting, a Professional Certificate at Level 2 in Administrative Activities focusing on client relations, and a BTEC in Information and Creative Technology.


Clemencia is a third-year student soon to graduate with a BSc (Honours) in Computing and IT (Software)

Louise Samuel


Deputy Secretary, Management Committee. Chair, Employment, Remuneration and Dispute Sub-Committee


Louise joined Mace in 2005 and has held the position of Chair and Deputy Chair of the Management Committee at different times. She is also Chair of the Employment, Remuneration and Dispute Sub-Committee, a position she has held over the past 13 years.


Louise’s background is in youth and community work, personal and professional development coaching, extending into human resource management, high-performance management, life coaching, group coaching, conflict management, Counselling and Neuro-linguistic programming.


Over time, Louise has performed critical roles for Mace, contributing to its rebranding, cohesion, continuous capacity building and development of the Management Committee, through delegating responsibilities.

Diana Harris


Secretary, Management Committee, Chair, Social and Publicity Sub-Committee


Diana joined Mace in 2005 and was a dedicated member for 10 years, including being part of the Management Committee. She then left to live and work abroad for a while and re-joined in summer 2022. In 2023, Diana attended the following courses provided by Mace: The Tenant Engagement Conference and Customer Service Excellence (Chartered Institute of Housing). She also has a Level 2 Certificate in Event Planning and completed an A1 (basic) German course.


Diana has over 12 years’ experience in customer service roles in the luxury sector, looking after VIP clients and carrying out highly responsible roles within the Financial Markets industry, performing in exceedingly pressurized environments. Her great communication skills, excellent customer service experience, professionalism, dedication, and passion for consistent improvements bring great added value to Mace. In addition, coming from the private sector and having the opportunity to look from the outside in, she brings new ideas, suggesting various improvements in processes and maintaining management standards to make a difference in a challenging environment.


Diana holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Tourism Management.

Sylvia Collins


Member, Management Committee


Sylvia’s career path has led to experience in Private Banking, Management Consultancy and Retail.


“This past year, it has been my privilege to be a member of the Management Committee. Mace Housing Co-operative is providing crucial assistance to those in need in our community, particularly during this heightened economic crisis. I am heartened that my efforts, as a Committee member, contribute to the Co-operative’s continued success”.

Sue Holbrook


Member, Management Committee and Social and Publicity Sub-Committee


Sue Holbrook has been with Mace for over two years. She joined the Co-op Management Committee, offering her 20-year experience in the TV PR and marketing industry, working alongside the teams behind global successes such as Bob the Builder, LazyTown and The Amazing World of Gumball. She attended St Martins School of Art in Textiles & Design she has design experience. She  is also a member of the Social & Publicity Sub Committee.

Alfredo Gomes


Member, Management Committee. Deputy Chair, Social and Publicity Sub Committee


Alfredo joined Mace Housing Co-op in 2021 and was elected to the Management Committee in 2023. He is a member of the Repairs and Maintenance Health and Safety and Risk Committee and has established himself as a voice for his flatmates and co-operative  members in general. He attributes this to his easy rapport with people, derived from his vast experience working in different countries.  Alfredo has also worked in a variety of industries, including hospitality, catering and customer service, and the National Health Service.

Kwesi Owusu


Member, Management Committee and Social and Publicity Sub-Committee


Kwesi Owusu is a postgraduate of the London School of Economics and a known author, filmmaker and marketing expert. He is the author of five books on the creative arts.  He joined MACE last year, offering his experience in the UK multi-media industry to MACE. He has redesigned and edits iMace, the co-operative’s newsletter.