Board Members
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Board Members.

Louise Samuel, BA (Hons)

Chair of the Employment Sub Committee and the Dispute Sub Committee

Louise joined Mace in 2005. She was the Chair of the organisation until January 2023 for 5 years. She was first elected to the position in 2015 for 2 years; was Deputy Chair for 2 years and was re-elected as Chair in 2019. She has also been the Chair of the Employment, and Disputes Sub-Committees of Mace for the past 12 years.

In that time as Chair, Louise has performed a transitioning role for Mace. She did this by rebranding the organisation, renewal of website, marketing materials and
rebranding materials. Rebuilt the board and continuous board development by bringing cohesion on the board and extending individual strengths of the MC
Member’s through delegated responsibilities (as Sub-Committee chairs) responsibilities to reinforce succession opportunities and transparency. Redesigned and delivery of comprehensive MC Members, Senior Staff and Team annual appraisal systems. Transition focus to reinforce commitments to both the application and spirit of the Code of Governance. Promoted accountability to customers and members as well as strategic partners in terms of assurance via senior staff team. MACE Rulebook revision, updating and future focussed / fit for purpose. Made yearly visits to members of the co-operative with CEO.

Louise’s background is in Youth and Community work, Personal Development Coaching and Human Resource Management, this includes:
recruitment, training, supervision, performance evaluation and appraisal, reward and remuneration management, conflict/dispute resolution, leadership and succession
planning. In addition, employment opportunities, strategy development and implementation, project management and risk management.

Louise has attended several management courses:
Introduction to Housing Management; Team Leadership Skills: Building and Leading a High-Performance team; making sense of strategic leadership and its relevance in performance management, Conflict Management, evaluating Board Members’ effectiveness, Human Resource training; Excellence in Governance: Responsibility, Accountability and Transparency Training for Board Members; Procurement and Managing Development for Board Members. Customer Excellence. The courses were provided by Chartered Institute of Housing. National Housing Federation, Landmark and Churchill Square Consultancies, respectively.

Professional Academic and Membership:
Louise holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Informal and Community Education, Life Coaching, Group Coaching, Counselling and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Diploma.
A Practitioner Member of the Complimentary Therapist Accredited Association.


Tamba Koroma, BA (Hons)


Tamba joined Mace in 2011. He was elected as the current Treasurer in 2018. Two years prior to this, he served as the Deputy Treasurer and member of the Management Committee of the Co-op.

He is the Chair of the Rent, Finance, Risk and Compliance Sub- Committee.

Tamba is a Chartered Certified Accountant and a student member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (Part Qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser). He is a Graduate in Financial Strategy at Said Business School, University of Oxford. He has extensive expertise in Strategy, Finance, Corporate Valuation, Project management and Corporate Governance.

Tamba is a licenced General Practitioner and a Managing Partner of Teim Accountants, Chartered Certified Accountants based in East London.

Tamba participated in the following training courses organised by Co-op:
Treasury Risk Management and Legislation; Capital Investment Appraisal training for Board members; Internal Control Risk Assessment and Governance Responsibilities; Welfare Reforms and Cash flow Implications for the Social Housing Sector; Excellence in Governance: Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency for Board members; Evaluating of Board members’ effectiveness; and Reward and Remuneration training for Board Members.

Tamba also holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting.

Tinaye Munonyara

Secretary of the Board

Tinaye joined the Co-Op in 2012 and is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and business consultant. His passion lies in real estate, raising finance and digital innovation. Tinaye holds a BA (Hons) degree in Business Management from Kingston University and possesses over a decade of experience in business consultancy. He specializes in advising social enterprises, charities, and startups on launching their ideas into scalable and sustainable projects. Tinaye’s expertise also covers facilities management, building and office services, sales and marketing, access to finance, business planning, and digital strategy.

Tinaye previously served as Secretary last year and was Deputy Secretary for three consecutive years before that. This year, he was re-elected as Secretary and chairs the Development Sub-committee, leading on the development strategy. Additionally, he is involved in the Social and Publicity, Allocations and Policy, as well as the Rent and Finance Sub-committees. Tinaye has undergone various training courses organized by the Co-op, including Secretary and
Board responsibilities, Excellence in Governance: Responsibility, Accountability, and Transparency, Training for Board members, Evaluation of Board members’ Effectiveness, Making Sense of Strategic Leadership, and its Relevance in Performance Management. Tinaye’s vision for Mace is to see it thrive and continue to have a positive impact on communities.


Fiona Daly, BA (Hons)

Deputy Chair of the Board

Fiona joined Mace in 1985 and was re-elected to the Board in 2017, after a long break. She is the chair of the Allocations and Policies Sub Committee.

After a career in web development and e-learning consultancy, Fiona now works at a local charity, as part of a small team running services and liaising with local partners, particularly in the areas of Welfare Reform, homelessness, and housing issues. She has a particular interest in homelessness, especially as it affects those in “non-priority” need, such as single people, and sees Mace as an agile organisation which can work to find innovative solutions to this need.

She attended, the Excellence in Governance: Responsibility, Accountability and Transparency Training for Board members; Evaluation of Board Members’ Effectiveness;, Team Leadership Skills: Building and Leading a high-performance team; and Policies and Procedures Training for Board members’ courses organised by the Co-op.

Fiona holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art and Art Theory.

Annah Buseri, BSc (Hons)

Treasurer of the Board

Annah joined the Co-op in 2018. She was elected to the Board in 2020. She is the current Treasurerof the Coop. She held the position of the Deputy Treasurer from 2020 to 2023. Before being elected as Treasurer. She currently chairs the Rent, Finance, Risk, Internal Control and Compliance subcommittee and The Repairs, Maintenance, Health & Safety and Risk Subcommittee. She is also a member of the Dispute and Development Subcommittees.

She is an experienced Risk Manager with a strong background in Project Management, Accounting, and Finance. She has vast experience in designing/ implementing the framework for strategic risk management, as a Risk and Assurance practitioner of Nine years, she is excellent at delivering the framework for Enterprise risk management and Assurance, providing support to Senior Management teams offering insightful risk information to the Head of Risk, Directors, Audit Committee, and the Board to enable effective decision making by contributing to new risk policy development; providing professional advice, drafting submissions, and briefing on strategic risks. she also provides assurance on the effective management of risk information by constructing positive partnerships, encouraging, and facilitating constructive discussions, challenging personnel to ensure that core business processes are operating effectively.

Furthermore, she is the Chairperson of the ALARM Housing Sector Committee, whose purpose is to support risk professionals in the Housing sector to achieve professional excellence, training, guidance, networking, engagement, and industry recognition for best practice across risk management and related services.

She contributed articles in Stronger, the ALARM (The Public Risk Management Association) Journal and have written other relevant articles. She has over time acquired extensive Professional and Leadership experience in business and academics.

She participated in the 2017/2018 Master Class on Risk Management in Banking and Finance for Professional Risk Managers, organised by City University, London.

She attended the Introduction to Housing Management and Procurement & Development Management training for Mace Board members that was delivered by Landmark Consulting. Other professional courses attended include, Contract Management, and Project Management, delivered by the Chartered Institute of British Computer Society (BCS). And she is currently pursuing her doctorate degree.

She is currently working as a Risk Advisor in a Housing Association and a Part-time Lecturer/Tutor in an International College where she teaches Business function/management, Introduction to Accounting, Understanding Management, Academic and professional practice, Introduction to Business Continuity, Introduction to Corporate governance, Introduction to Enterprise, Operational and Project Risk Management.

Her Academic Qualifications and professional membership include:

Ph.D. in Accounting and Finance in View (Topic: An Investigation on firm level political risk, enterprise risk management, corporate governance, and firm performance (Expected completion date: Sep 2025)),
MSc. Risk Management
BSc (Hons) Accounting

Professional Memberships:
Certificate Member, The Institute of Risk Management.
Member, AXELOS Best Practice.
Prince 2, Foundation and Practitioner.
Associate Member, Chartered Institute of British Computer Society (BCS).
Member ALARM, the Public Risk Management Association.


Raymond Little, BA (Hons)

Raymond was co-opted into the Board in 2020. He also a member of the Development Sub-Committee.

He has over 40 years experience in the voluntary housing sector as a professional officer and Board member. With experience in all aspects of project management of new schemes from inception to completion, including the procurement method; Managing the tender process and the appointment of contractors and consultants; Delivery of schemes within the agreed programme time scale and to the approved total scheme costs.

He works with client groups where required to ensure that their needs are taken into account at the earliest design stage, to ensure continuing involvement in the selection of consultants, contractors, and delivery of the scheme.

He is well briefed in preparing and submitting bids for Grant funding of schemes both from Government agencies and local authorities and ensuring compliance with the necessary legislations and regulations.

He has wide knowledge of housing management, maintenance, and administration services directly to manage homes including estate management, lettings, tenancy management and rent arrears. Voids control, response, and planned maintenance service. The management of housing management officers delivering frontline service to tenant, reception, and administration functions. To encourage tenants, residents to be involved in the management of their homes, estates by empowering them to get involved.

Raymond holds BA (Hons) Degree.

Lee Andy Williams

Deputy Secretary of the Board

Clemencia Sterling-Molana

Deputy Treasurer of the Board

Clemencia Sterling, currently studying BSc (honours) Computing and IT(Software Developer) in year 3.

Clemencia joined Mace in 2018. She is currently a member of the committee Management and Rent & Finance subcommittee in 2022.

She has experience as an administrative assistant and supervisor, which includes skills in Microsoft Office (excel, word, power-point, access), systems and applications such as accounting software, management software, handing cash, data entry, filing paper and electronic documents and customer service.

She has attended training about introducing principles and actions for those responsible for maintaining and building Governance at MACE.

Clemencia holds a General Certificate of Education(specialized in accounting), Professional Certificate at level 2 of Activities Administrative with Relation with the client, a BTEC in Information and Creative Technology, an Introduction to Business and Personal Development Studies at Level 1 and functional skills at level 1 in English.

clemencia sterling

Diana Harris (BA) Hons

Chair of the Social and Publicity Sub Committee

Diana initially joined Mace in 2005 and was a dedicated member for 10 years including being part of the Management Committee. She then left to live and work abroad for a while and re-joined in summer 2022. She is a newly re-elected member of the Management Committee and Chair of the Social and Publicity Sub-Committee. Diana has attended the following courses in 2023 provided by Mace including: The Tenant Engagement Conference and Customer Service Excellence (Chartered Institute of Housing). She also has Level 2 Certificate in Event Planning and successfully completed A1 (basic) German course.

Diana has over 12 years’ experience in customer service roles in the luxury sector looking after VIP clients and carrying out highly responsible roles within the Financial Markets industry performing in exceedingly pressurized environments. Her great communication skills, excellent customer service experience, professionalism, dedication, and passion for consistent improvements bring great added value to Mace. In addition, coming from the private sector and having the opportunity to look from the outside in, she brings new ideas, suggesting various improvements in processes and maintains management standards to make a difference in a challenging environment.

Diana’s aim is to help towards effective growth, successful progress, implementation of suitable improvements in the right direction and building on sustainable positive development of the co-op. Diana holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Tourism Management.



Housing officer



Housing officer



Housing officer