Your Home

At Mace Housing, we believe that your home is your castle and provides you rest, peace of mind and comfort. You will have information about your rent, repairs and your tenancy.

Repairs and maintenance


Mace Housing is committed to keeping all the homes it manages in excellent condition. We do this by managing central repairs and maintenance service for all our members.


What are Mace Housing responsibilities?


Mace Housing is responsible for nearly all of the repairs to your home, which is caused by wear and tear or breakdown.


You have a legal ‘Right to Repair’ and should expect Mace Housing to provide you with prompt and efficient service. However, promptness depends on the nature of the repairs.


What are my responsibilities?

  • You have a general responsibility to take care of your home.
  • You are also responsible for reporting any necessary repairs to Mace Housing. Any faults, which are likely to cause injury and damage to people or property, should be reported immediately.
  • After reporting the repair, you must make sure that we can get into your home to inspect and carry out the necessary work. Mace Housing may require immediate access to your home in an emergency to carry out essential repairs.
  • You must keep appointments, which you make with Mace Housing or its contractors.
  • Failing to keep appointments will lead to repairs being delayed or non-essential works being cancelled.
  • If you fail to keep an appointment and the contractor charges Mace for a failed appointment, this will be recharged to you. You must also report contractors who fail to keep their appointments.


We cannot change the terms of your tenancy agreement without your approval (except for changing your rent and making other changes allowed by law).


Your rights and Responsibilities


We want the period of your living with us as an enjoyable experience. That is only possible if you are able to meet the responsibilities stated in your tenancy agreement.


There are also certain types of repair, which you are responsible for carrying out yourself:


Because of their importance, we have decided to outline some of them below to assist you:

  • Damage caused by you – If you damage any part of your home either intentionally, it is your responsibility to put that damage right.
  • Damage caused by friends, family or visitors – Likewise, if anybody that you invite into the property such as your friends, family or visitors cause damage you must make sure that you get the necessary repairs carried.
  • Repairs to items you own – If any item you own (such as washing machine, television or fridge) breaks down you must make arrangements to have it repaired.


For the Repairs/maintenance policy: click here