Leadership & Staff

Rowland Ekperi


Chief Executive Officer

Rowland Ekperi has over 30 years of Senior-Level Strategic Management experience, acquired in both the Private and Public Sectors. His involvement in the Social Housing Sector spans over half of the above years. He brings both sectors’ experiences to drive the strategic vision and objectives of the cooperative and maintain the organisation’s growth path despite the challenging operating environment for social landlords.


He champions the cause of the homeless, particularly the single unemployed and those on low income, highlighting the negative impact of homelessness on communities in the UK to the government and other key players.


He is passionate about sharing knowledge and mentoring –  at the current time, when young people need skills to access jobs and better role models. He long identified serious skills and knowledge gaps in the management of Social Housing before the recent Government announcement to professionalise it. He took steps to fill the gaps and led his Executive team, supported by the  Management Committee,  to establish the Mace SEAP training programme in 2016.


The Programme provided Rent  Income Management, and Housing Management &  Administration training to people interested in pursuing Housing Management as a career. The course content and materials were designed and written by him and his team. The course secured AIMs Level 3 Professional Certificate in Property and Tenant Management Skills for the Rented Sector Housing Sector, and  Mace became an approved Centre for the Qualification Awarding Body at the time.


He attended several Senior Management Courses in Social Housing, including the regulatory Framework for Social Landlords, Fire, Health and Safety, Governance, Treasury Management, Community Leadership, and Customer Care Management.


He holds several professional qualifications, including an MBA from Brunel University.

Felix Okene


Director of Operations


A dedicated and enthusiastic professional with extensive housing management experience within the public sector.  Committed to delivering exceptional service standards to members and customers from various social and cultural backgrounds including creating policies and initiatives aimed at achieving improvements. Possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to develop and maintain productive internal and external relationships. Enjoys being part of, as well as managing and motivating, a successful and productive team and thrives in highly pressurised and challenging working environments.



CMCIH   Chartered Member, Chartered Institute of Housing

MBA:    Masters in Business Administration – Brunel University Uxbridge England



Henley Management College – Managing Organisational Change –

British Institute of Management – Strategic Planning & Leadership

Chartered Institute of Housing – Governance

Director of Operations, Mace Housing Co Ltd


Liaising closely with the Chief Executive in drawing up and analysing the business plan including our strategic direction, spearheading the implementation of the Co-ops business philosophy, and formulating operational plans.


Developing and implementing highly effective housing policies in accordance with Government legislation. Identifying opportunities to improve access to housing for the single homeless and socially excluded members of our society.


I manage Contractors to provide high levels of repairs and maintenance on all our housing stock in accordance with contractual, strategic, and regulatory requirements. I develop robust contractor monitoring procedures and swiftly correct underperformance.


Ursula Jones

Project & Housing Management Co-ordinator

Muftao Abdallah

Housing Manager

Susan Okpa

Housing Officer

Anastasia Markovskaja

Housing Officer

Lewis Smith

Finance Officer

Samira Chowdhurry

Assistant Finance Officer

Renata Bago

Assistant Rent Income Officer