Employment & Support

Skills Empowerment and Advisory Project (SEAP)


The Project is designed for the unemployed, low-income earners and other people that may be interested in pursuing Housing Management as a career. The 12 weeks employment/skills training and coaching focus on Rental Income Collection and Management, Repairs and Maintenance Administration. These areas are of strategic importance to many housing organisations (Registered Social Landlords, Local Authorities, Private Property Management Companies etc), given the cash liquidity pressures and challenges that usually confront such organisations.

The project was initially targeted at Mace members, but its popularity grew, compelled the co-op to open the free training to community members. Their local authorities nominate them for the training programme. Mace funds the SEAP programme as part of its Community Investment Strategy.


SEAP’s Core objectives are:


  • Breaking barriers to Employment
  • Promotion of Social and Financial inclusion, encourage economic independence and self-reliant.
  • Building positive relations between different groups and communities that will maintain high-level community cohesion in the nine Boroughs that Mace has a presence.
  • To improve the lives of people living in difficult circumstances and alleviate the impact of poverty.


The SEAP project is targeted at anyone interested in pursuing Housing Management as a new career. Such persons can apply. The course is currently free and if you are interested in applying, please contact Mace Housing on 0207 254 9560 or by email: seap@macehousing.org.uk.