Employment & Support
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Although the project was initially targeted at Mace members, its popularity compelled the Co-op to open up the free training to people in the Communities, in which, it operates. All that is required, is for such interested non-members persons to be nominated by their local authorities to the training programme.

Mace internally funds the SEAP programme as part of its Community Investment Strategy.

SEAP’s Core objectives are:

Breaking barriers to Employment

Promotion of Social and Financial inclusion, encourage economic independence and self-reliant.

Building positive relations between different groups and communities that will maintain high-level community cohesion in the nine Boroughs that Mace has a presence.

To improve the lives of people living in difficult circumstances and alleviate the impact of poverty.

The SEAP project is targeted at anyone interested in pursuing Housing Management as a new career. Such persons can apply. The course is currently free and if you are interested in applying, please contact Mace Housing on 0207 254 9560 or by email: seap@macehousing.org.uk.