Membership Policy

Membership Policy


The aim of this policy is to establish who is eligible for membership of Mace and to lay out:

  • The process of becoming a member;
  • The responsibilities of membership;
  • The termination of membership.


From October 1996 membership of the co-op is open to those who are either tenants or prospective tenants of the co-op and who hold a share in the co-op.
Potential members applying for membership must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Not be the owner of a property;
  • Be in need of housing;
  • Be on a low income;
  • Be aged between 21 and above;
  • Be non-priority homeless according to the 1985 Housing Act Section III;
  • Be willing to accept the responsibilities of membership.


The co-op currently defines low income as a gross income of less than £18,000 per annum, although this can be greater if the individual has unusually high expenses – e.g. maintenance payments, etc.

The 1985 Housing Act Section III gives a duty to local authorities to house “priority” homeless people, who are:

  • Pregnant women;
  • People with dependent children;
  • People who are homeless due to fire or flood;
  • People who are vulnerable due to old age, ill health, disability or mental illness;
  • Or is the partner of someone in one of the groups above.

“Non-priority” homeless are everyone else who is homeless.

Procedure for becoming a member

Applications for membership will be received alongside applications for housing. All applicants fulfilling the criteria for membership will be considered.

On acceptance of a tenancy agreement, signing to abide by the membership requirements and the payment of £1 the individual will be issued with a share in the co-op and their name entered into the register of members.

Tenants of the co-op itself will be entered as both members and tenants. Tenants of other landlords for whom the co-op acts as managing agents will be entered as members and prospective tenants.

Requirements of membership

All co-op members are required:

  • To take an active interest in the business of the co-operative;
  • To attend the co-op’s Annual General Meeting;
  • To abide by, and co-operate with, the rules and policies of the co-op.


Termination of membership

Membership will be terminated in the following circumstances:

  • On the death of a member;
  • On withdrawal from the co-op;
  • At the end of a tenancy where the member does not take up another tenancy or become a prospective tenant;
  • On leaving the accommodation let to them by the co-op;
  • On expulsion by the co-op.



A decision to expel a member can only be taken by a Co-op General meeting as laid out in the Co-op rules. The member concerned must be told the reason for considering their expulsion and given the opportunity to defend themselves. A decision to expel a member requires a 2/3 majority vote